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Bright Glass - Custom frameless shower doors, residential & commercial


We can build the shower door of your dreams

Glass types

Starphire glass

Also known as low-iron glass. This type of glass has a higher level of transparency compared to regular clear glass due to the reduced iron content. The result is a glass that allows more light to pass through, making it ideal for applications like display cases, aquariums, and architectural projects where maximum visibility is crucial.

Clear glass

This is the most common type of glass used. It has a green hue and it is made by heating raw materials like silica sand, soda ash, and limestone at high temperatures, which then solidify into the transparent material we are all familiar with.

Frosted glass

This type of glass has a textured surface that diffuses light, creating a soft, hazy appearance. Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting or acid etching the surface of clear glass, which provides privacy while still allowing light to pass through. It is commonly used in bathroom windows, shower doors, and office partitions.

Bright Glass - Boyaca series

Printed glass

This type of glass features a design or pattern printed directly onto the surface using specialized inks and techniques. The result is a stunning piece of glass that can be used for decorative purposes or to create unique architectural features. Printed glass can be found in applications such as splashbacks, signage, and even flooring.

SA - San Andres series - Bright Glass
Bright Glass -  Specialty Glass

Specialty glass

Browse the different types of glass that allow you to create a true statement piece that will elevate any space.

Explore the different type of add-ons for your shower door

Bright Glass - Tayrona series
Bright Glass - Glass options
Thickness - Bright glass
Hinges - Bright Glass
Bright Glass - Polished Chrome
Bright Glass - Custom frameless shower doors, Residential & Commercial projects
Bright glass - Polished nickel round handle
Bright Glass - San Andres

How it works?

1. Send us the project specifications and get a FREE ESTIMATE.

2. Give us the green light by sending a down payment.

3. Meet our specialist for an onsite consultation to take final measurements and template your shower walls.

4. Approve the design and start manufacturing.

5. Enjoy your glass product.

6. Let us know how it went, have any questions? Here we are to resolve any concerns.

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Bright Glass - Custom frameless shower doors, residential & commercial glass projects
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