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Are shower doors tempered glass?

Bright Glass - Tempered glass

That is a ubiquitous question, and the answer is yes! They must be like this, not only because it is a requirement in federal codes but also because it increases security so that there will not be a severe accident.

Tempered glass is heat-treated, making it about 4x more robust than regular. Tempering strengthens the glass and causes it to shatter into small pieces rather than cracking or breaking into large, dangerous shards.

So, is it not possible to break tempered glass?

Well, although tempered glass is more robust, there is also a chance that it will shatter. That is why monitoring your shower door and checking that the edges are not directly touching another piece of glass, tile, or ceramic is essential. As impossible as it may seem, the structure of your house can change according to the seasons, meaning the glass can move. You must ensure that there are always gaskets or silicone between the glass so that there are no accidents and no one gets hurt.

Are there any design restrictions with tempered glass?

Of course not; tempered glass is highly versatile. Your shower door can have a square or rounded tip, inline or 90 degrees. It can have one piece of glass as well as three pieces. It can have the design you want; everything will depend on the shape of your shower and the style you are looking for.

Here are some examples:

Are there any disadvantages of this type of glass?

The only disadvantage it could have is that the tempered glass cannot be modified. That means resizing, trimming, or reshaping a piece of tempered glass is impossible. A little advice! Think carefully about the design before ordering your shower door; once the glass gets tempered, you will not be able to make modifications, and you will have to order a new piece.

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